Mother’s Day! A rant and ice cream sandwiches.

Mother’s Day.  I love it and I don’t love it all at the same time.   I love it because I am a Mom.  I love being a mom. It is the most difficult job in the world, and the one where the little people I work for actually like me ( except for the days where I’m the meanest mom ever!).  Moms, as a workforce are completely under appreciated.  We work magic, and kids (and significant others for that matter) think that that is they way it’s supposed to be.  Mostly because we do it effortlessly.  News flash: We would like to be appreciated!!  Even if it is for just one day.

I’m now focused on the ol’ man. Here is where the “I don’t love it” part comes.  I think I’ve built up such an unrealistic expectation of  “I would like to be appreciated”, that when I’m not, even just a little on this day, I get pissed.   I don’t want brunch or beautiful flowers.  Just a “Hey can I make you coffee?” or “Let me do the dishes.” would have been fantastical.  I made the coffee, breakfast and did the dishes. That set the mood. And then I heard “I don’t get a thank you for getting you a paper?”  ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME???  He doesn’t thank me the other 51 weeks of the year when I go out to get the paper.  Petty?  Absolutely.  Am I fully aware of the ridiculousness of how I sound? Yup.  Does it change the way I was feeling? Nope.  I am grateful to be a mom. Even to his kids. I know there are a ton of women who can’t have kids. Even Autumn was an IUI baby.  Nevermind. Just a little appreciation from him, I suppose is what I was looking for. I sound stupid. Oh of course there’s more.  I’m saving it for the therapist.


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