It tastes better than it looks!


Happy Tuesday!  It seems like it’s been  while since I’ve posted.  I mean, I had a post started. I came back, I looked at it, went to Pinterest.

Life has been interesting here in our lovely “blended family” household.  Autumn is a little more on edge this week. It’s the start of state testing this week in English.  It’s the first state test for the little one. She’s been scared of this test since first grade!  Poor thing. What she doesn’t realize is these tests are designed to “grade” the teachers, not the students.  The math state test is next month. She informed me that “she’s got that”.

I spent a better part of Saturday upset with the oldest, as she’s been lying about homework, and her grades.  Then I shifted the frustration to the ol’ man who doesn’t do anything about it. Well, she’s going to have a difficult time getting into a college with a 46% in English!!  And then what???  GGGRRR! And I’m the bad guy!!  He and I  have a different way of looking at education. Eh, it’s just one more thing to work through.

How do you cope with your frustrations with a 15yo? I did a little crafting. Picture frame, chalk board paint, and before you know it, you have a chore chart. Because if you’re not going to do your homework, you might as well do chores. Which I’m learning quickly, a chart makes no difference. But the concept is nice!

projectcollage And I don’t know what I hit, but I CAN’T READ ANYTHING!!! The font is like a 4.

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