Well, 2015 has come and gone, and I’m not sure where it went.  For me it was a good year, with just the normal ups and downs. I will definitely take that, and pray that this year is the same.  I spent some time doing some self-improvement. It’s been good for me and probably everyone around me. I’ve been spending a good amount of time at the gym and started guided relaxation at home. Before bed. Ok…so I fall asleep to the guy subconsciously talking me off the bridge but whatever.  I’m limited on free time. On the up side, I think it’s working. I feel good and a little less anxious about well… just about everything.

What’s on tap for 2016? I have no idea. I never have any idea. My best laid plans go to the shitter. This is the year to just wing it. Don’t get me wrong, in my mind’s eye I have a vision of what I how I would like this year to go. Clean eating in on my 2016 list of goals for example.  I read something on Facebook that really stuck with me.  It was a sponsored ad from clean eating site. All it said was “If you think buying Organic is expensive, you should see the cost of cancer.”  Nothing profound, but powerful nonetheless. I work in oncology, and I know the cost of cancer. I guess it was just a different perspective that you know, but you don’t think about. Off to the library I went to research the latest health trend. And it does make sense. Clean eating for the whole family will be a big challenge, but one I’m going to take on. Wish me luck. It will be a work in progress for everyone. Especially since I had a chocolate chip cookie this morning. And this afternoon. Get off my back. I went to the gym 4 days this week.

I’ll keep you posted.  Happy New Year!

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