730 Kisses. One for every day we have been dating. Well, it didn’t quite work out to be exactly 730 kisses. I’m sure there was a day or two or 50 that I was pissed at him or out of town that there were no kisses. So it’s pretty exact 🙂  It’s been a crazy couple of years. Even through the craziness I remember our first date like it was yesterday. It was awkward. I remember thinking, “Yep this is going no where. Back to the internet.”  He was pretty persistant about going out again. And honestly, who could not want this cuteness??!!  But I liked his quirkiness..and he was funny, so I went. Again, and yet again. We finally clicked and here we are a couple of years later.  We aren’t a super gifty sort of couple, we have 3 kids after all. They are all the gift we need 😉 So gifts for each other aren’t top of the financial priority list. He wanted the Gilligan’s Island Box set, simple because he thinks Maryann is hot,  and score I found it!! Most importantly of course, is the 730 (give or take) kisses!  I used just an old-style candy jar, ribbon and some scrapbook paper!


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