Parental Homework?

In our house, homework is a daily battle. The only one who actually admits to having any is the 9yo. Understandably, because homework sucks. You’re there all day listening to the teachers gab non-stop for hours. And then you have to continue the “torture” (direct quote from the 15yo) when you get home. I get it. I went to high school, and went to college. Probably not the norm, but I liked school, studied hard and did well. Well, it’s a different story with the teens in my house. Rob and I consistanly hear, “I forgot to turn it in” or “I forgot I had that” or “I got that project assigment oh a month ago, and it’s due tomorrow”.  Well, I made a new rule at the turn of the new year: Any “0” that turns up in the parent portal, they lose their iPods, their DS3’s their computer privledges (unless homework related) until there is no “0” in that spot.  None of them liked that rule. And the 15yo als already lost it a few times, and probably will again tomorrow.

As parents, Rob and I have goals. As part of the new year, we are trying to really focus on living a healthier lifestyle. For the record, I’m kicking his boooooty. Just like homework, I’m working with weekly menus, preparing for daily meals, because more than once the following has come out of my mouth “Awe, crap! I forgot to defrost the chicken”. Then we end up eating pizza or Chinese etc. Not only unhealthy, but not cost effective. Or my personal favorite, “I’m way toooo tired to work out tonight.”  Should we, as parents, have our gadgets taken away for not working out..or forgetting to defrost the fricken chicken?

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